Cooking #1: Vegan banana cookies

I discovered these cookies on the internet. They are vegan and a really nice and healthy snack. And SO easy to make! Enjoy!


-30 grams dried plums/raisins
-40 grams mixed nuts
-2 bananas
-1 vanilla pod
-240 grams oatmeal 
-some salt
-1 tea spoon cinamon

Heat up the oven at 180 C. Chop up the nuts and plums. Scrape the vanilla out of the pod. Mash your bananas, until it looks disgusting :)

Put everything, together with your oatmeal, in a bowl. Put some cinamon and salt in it. I really like cinamon and for me, one teaspoon wasn't enough. So you can put more in it, whatever you like.
Mix everything with one of your hands (so you have a clean one to hold the bowl)

Put baking paper in a baking tin. Put your mix in the tin and press it tightly (otherwise your cookies will fall apart).
Bake your cookies for about 30 minutes. Take them out of the oven and cut them in small cookies.
Now, they are the best when they are still warm, so sit down, make a cup of tea and enjoy your own cookies!

(and the best thing is: you don't have to feel quilty, because there's no sugar, butter, cream or anything else unhealty in it!)

Did you like the vegan banana cookies?


AMFI introduction camp: Heavens Playground

As you might know I will go to AMFI next year. I will do Fashion and Management, the international direction. 
I did my interviews, tests and presentations two years ago, so I am looking forward to this for a long time!
Some weeks ago I received the invitation for the introduction weekend.
After seeing the photo I was so excited:

(have you ever seen such a cool invitation for a student intro camp???)



I am sorry you haven't heard a lot from me last months. 
I was on a world trip!
Last year I worked as an au pair (nanny) in Germany for 5 months. After that I went travelling to Thailand, Laos, New Zealand, Australia and China.
The stuff you see in this blogpost are my souvenirs, but I rather call them 'touchable memories'... :)
A dress from Byron Bay, Australia

A vintage Versace jacket from Katoomba (Sydney), Australia

A silver party dress from Yangshuo, China

A merino sweater from Tauranga, New Zealand (seriously, I love that fabric. It's so soft!)

A bikini from a unknown small town in Australia (they had the most amazing bathing stuff I've ever seen!  The  old lady designed a lot of them herself)

The little book of Prada from Katoomba, Australia/ DVD Fashion in film from Melbourne, Australia/Sunglasses from Sjanghai, China  
La Sardina lomo camera!! from Hong Kong

A little scarf, made by our host mum from a small village in Laos/incense from Xi'an, China/ a bracelet from Adelaide, Australia/ a shell from the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand

A Chinese tea set from Beijing, China

A pillowcase from Chiang Mai, Thailand (I bought two of them)


Amsterdam Fashion Week 2013

Yesterday I worked at Amsterdam Fashion Week as backstage runner for Michelangelo Winklaar. 
I had to be in Amsterdam at 7 am, so I left my bed at 5 :(.
I helped with carrying boxes, motivating models and interns and sewing a lot of unfinished clothes.
It was very scary to see how many thing we had to do while the time passed.
The interns were very stressed and some of them slept for only one hour! 

(clockwise, starting left above): Sewing a jacket, L'oréal hair team, dressing up models, sewing a pair of pants.
At the end we concluded that a whole unfinished dress couldn't be showed. Exept for the dress everyting was finished in time (perhaps it wasn't sewed that well, but everything better than an naked model on the runway!).
Michelangelo Winklaar was part of the Talent Lab from AFW. Young designers got the chance to show their outfits. It was his first runway show, but he looked very relaxed (his interns were stressed!).
He was inspired by Queen Victoria and Karin van de Walle (a Dutch artist who makes erotical art) for his runway show. 
I loved this model, she was so positive!


The happy designer with his models

Designer and interns

At the end Michelangelo wrote a positive message for me and his sign. I can use that for other fashion jobs or internships. He told me that I can absolutely handle fashionshows, because I stay cool and can be strickt. Great to hear of course!
Since I worked backstage I am more and more feeling that that's the right place for me. I always saw myself sitting frontrow, watching the shows, but now I've been backstage I realised that my place is there.
I stay relaxed when everybody else is nervous, I have a lot of energy, I can manage, sew, make jokes and I am strong (mentally and phisically) All very important backstage. And I really like it, the fibrations of stress and hope (for a good show).
And of course the best of all: you can see the clothes so much better than when you're sitting and watching the show. I helped the models dessing themselves, so I felt all the fabrics and watched all the details. Not just for 5 seconds, but really good.
Backstage is absolutely my pl;ace 2 be!